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Autumnal Glory, Stoats and Owls & Otters!

I have not been at Yew View for over two weeks and Autumn has definitely taken hold! After a very wet morning, the sun appeared in late afternoon and I was able to get some images of the vast amounts of fruit and berries available on site. It is so important, when planning planting for wildlife, that you think about the Autumn harvest as well as summer flowers! The hedgerows and trees and shrubs are heaving this year and the flocks of redwing and fieldfare gathering are testament to the feast available!

The leaf colour is amazing and I fear it will have all gone by next week…..


Was pleased to see lots of Tawny action at the box. The pair is visiting regularly together now and still using it as a stash , during the day, for their rat ‘spares’!

Tawny Pair visiting 21st Oct 2018_00000
Tawny in with rat 6(1)_Merge_00001
Tawny in with rat 6(1)_Merge_00000

The camera at the otter holt showed three visits by otters to the site over the last week, with sprinting by males and females. We also captured mink, stoat and fox at this location….

Sadly, we have not seen kingfishers for quite a while. The pond is covered in duckweed, making visibility poor. I am hoping a cold snap will clear it. We did get quite a few visitors this week though, including a grey wagtail, a squirrel licking the frost from the post and even a very brief stoat appearance! Very unexpected!

Kingfisher post Visitors Oct2018_Merge_00005
Kingfisher post Visitors Oct2018_Merge_00003
Kingfisher post Visitors Oct2018_Merge_00002
Kingfisher post Visitors Oct2018_Merge_00001
Kingfisher post Visitors Oct2018_Merge_00000


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