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Autumnal Feeders

I have spent a lovely day in the garden today… fantastic as I have been inside on the PC working most of the week. It has been a wonderful, sunny and golden Autumnal day here and I have been fine tuning my feeders and cam ready for the winter season.  I have built a new structure from which to hang the feeders and I have two cams mounted on here that will show on my live streams. The feeders are interchangeable, so I can show the feeders that are most popular and getting the most birds.

I made the structure to hold my feeders froma large wooden base (which I ‘rescued from a pile of rubble!), a wooden post and two  brackets that I adapted so they would take my Nature’s Feast bird feeders.

 These brackets mean that you can fit a feeder above and hang one below. The fitting the bracket came with, was not suitable for my feeders, but the screw that holds the tray on the Nature’s Feast feeders happens to be the same diameter as the pole, so I was able to bang these fittings into the bracket, meaning I could then screw my feeders on. I mounted two cameras on the post, facing the very popular sunflower heart feeder …

and one facing a fat ball feeder and a fat bar which I have mounted next to it….

To increase the opportunities for photography, I placed some attractive branches across to the feeders, to encourage the birds to alight before they visit!

The feeders have been much busier this weekend… with my goldfinch numbers reaching my garden record this morning… difficult to count, but I am sure there were at least 20 on these feeders!

I sat for about ten minutes and took a few photos of some of my visitors… they are all quite happy for me to sit on the patio and will still come onto the feeders!

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