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Arley Primary School’s Creative Flair!

In September, I was invited to Arley Primary School, to lead an assembly to start their International Day of Peace celebrations. I was asked to talk about the wonders of our world and what we can do to try and look after and protect them. I led two assemblies, where I talked about all the wonders of British wildlife and shared footage I have captured, with the pupils. I told the pupils about my garden and what I do to help the wildlife there. We discussed all the different things we can do in our own garden and our school grounds to help the birds and other mammals that live there. I showed them lots of my camera footage, including some of my more crazy mammal box set ups and the bird snack bar!

The children were all really interested and had lots of questions after my assembly!

This week, I received an email from the Deputy Head, as she wanted to share some of the children’s work that had followed my visit. As a homework project, the Year 5 pupils were challenged to create a wildlife set up for one of my cameras!

I was amazed by the imagination and ingenuity displayed by this work and I wanted to share it on my blog! Below are pictures of the wonderful projects that the pupils created!

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I just love the variety of ideas and all the different ways the pupils have thought about the challenge! I am sure that the wildlife would love these projects and I hope that those lovely nest boxes that have been made, actually go out in gardens for the Spring.

A big ‘Well Done!’ to everyone and thank you for sharing your incredible creations with me!


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