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Ark Wildlife ‘donations’ !

I was very lucky, last week, to receive 4 big boxes of ‘goodies’ from Ark Wildlife. Click on the link below to check out their website… and what a brilliant logo!

They had kindly offered to donate some wildlife bits for my Wildlife Club at school. They then contacted me, saying they were having a bit of a tidy up and a clear out in the warehouse and there was an assortment of discontinued stock, prototypes and broken bits, that were still useable and was I interested? Well, you can imagine my reaction and I was amazed when 4 huge boxes arrived with a plethora of bits! It was like Christmas as I excitedly unpacked and discovered hedgehog boxes (various models) bird boxes, Frog & toad homes, butterfly houses and 4 sacks of food.  My Wildlife Club are going to be delighted and Ark Wildlife said they were happy for me to use what I could in my patch too.

There are some great little nest boxes which I am going to adapt for next season and put cameras in them. There were also a couple of hedgehog boxes… quite small… one of which I could see had potential for another mousecam. I decided to adapt it and make it into another rodent feeding station and put it further up the garden. Details of how I went about that can be seen on my website HERE

You will be hearing about how all the other bits and pieces get distributed around my patch in the coming months. I may also be doing some trialling and reviewing for this company in the future. A MASSIVE thanks to all those at Ark, especially Sean McMenemey, who made this happen. It is very much appreciated!


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