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Another swallow family, post visitors and rodent munchers…

A busy day at Yew View this week making some repairs to some cables that had been gnawed and planning the floating otter cam platform! We have also just installed a larger memory storage unit as there is so much footage coming through. I also had Wren to introduce to the Yew View collies as she will be accompanying me on my visits to the site.

I am delighted to say that our third clutch of swallows have just hatched and I could just see their tiny fluffy heads above the edge of the nest cup. The parents have sen really busy and returning with huge mouthfuls of insects for the five new mouths to feed.

Swallow chicks 7th July_00000

We  had our young Great spotted woodpecker pop back to the kingfisher post….

GSW Juvenile_00000

….and a couple of stock doves have been stopping off too… rather undercooked, these pretty birds have been in decline in the UK.

Stock dove_00000

The mammal box is still attracting wood mice and bank voles regularly, but we have not seen much of the harvest mice. I am hoping it is because there is so much natural food around.

Bank Vole1_00000

Hopefully, we will have the otter cam back up and running in the next few weeks…. with the river quite volatile, I have been reluctant to put anything on the bank until I am sure that the cams will float if the river levels rise considerably again.


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