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Another new nest!

I was out in the garden early this morning and could hear what sounded like loud chicks begging for food! Following the sound, I realised it was coming from a nest box I have mounted in a pear tree at the far end of my garden.




I knew the jackdaws had been showing an interest but I had not realised that they had actually nested and the female had been incubating. The chicks had definitely hatched and were very noisy! I had put a camera in this box a few years ago, just in case, but never used it.  Realising I just had to give it a try, I ran a cable up the garden and plugged in the camera…… nothing! After much fiddling and an emergency trip to Maplins, I finally got an image. The camera is a very basic one, and it is a long cable run with 2 connections, hence the image is not great, but good enough to see that there are 3 very young chicks. They are not feathered at all and I would think they are only a couple of days old.

As they have nested here this year,  then I would think there is a strong chance they will use it again, so I will be ready for them and have better images… in the meanwhile, it is still great to see this new family!


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