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Another new feedercam!

I want to try to attract the woodpeckers and nuthatches to a feeder where I can capture them on my live cams. Whilst at Heligan, I saw a feeder they had made in a log, where they had then placed the camera side on, so it gave great views of the nuthatches, in particular. The trouble with a cylindrical feeder is that the birds often feed on the side away from the camera! I decided to try to create a ‘WildlifeKate’ version of the feeder I had seen and place it higher up, hopefully to attract some different birds. As there is only one place to feed, it is easier to place the camera to, hopefully, get good side images of the birds feeding.

I will be creating a more detailed page about how I made this feeder on my website, but here is a picture of the finished item… a place for peanuts and then two holes drilled with fat packed in. Check ou the live stream on my website and you’ll see the images from this feeder. There are already quite a lot of visitors, but no woodpecker….. yet. I have just got my Traxwatch back from Kevin Bromley, so at some point, I may set it up to capture the visitors.


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