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Another great visitor to the YewView Kingfisher post!

Our Kingfisher post at Yew View has been attracting lots of visitors. The kingfisher visits just about every day, sometimes several individuals and we have captured lots of footage of these amazing visitors. The wired camera, trained on this post has also captured a umber of other visitors, including woodpeckers, moorhens, a range of other garden birds and even the Tawny owl!

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 22.20.56

This week, when checking through the week’s footage, I was thrilled to capture this young Sparrowhawk. Keeping its back to me the whole time, I must admit, I was not sure what it was first of all. After watching the clip a few times, I deduced it must be a young Sparrowhawk and tweeted Dave Culley (expert in all things Sparrowhawk and Tawny!) and he confirmed it would be one of this year’s young.

Usually, you only capture a glimpse of these birds as they tear through the garden, plucking some unsuspecting bird from your feeders. Sometimes, you are lucky enough to encounter one with prey. This glimpse into the life of this new youngster was a rare pleasure and I hope it returns again.

Below is some footage of the 5 minutes or so that it spent here…

You can see the other species that have visited this post  by visiting our Flickr page 


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