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Another attempt at Badger Hollow

Last time I set the Bushnells up at Badger Hollow, I only got footage of fox and rabbit… no badgers. I went back again today to set the Bushnells up again. The main entrances on the set seem to be less used now, but there are some tracks coming from the area, so I am sure they are still around. There is another entrance that had been somewhat ‘squashed’ by the recent harvesting of the maize crop in the adjoining field. Since my last visit, this entrance hole has been opened again and there was some evidence of some straw being pulled down. I set my Bushnell up in the long grass facing this part of the sett… so hopefully I will capture some badger footage.

I set the second Bushnell up where the badgers seem to exit this field, cross the lane and head up into the next field. There is a clear track, so I think I will capture anything travelling along there. The track is just to the left of the Bushnell in the picture below.

I will leave the Bushnells there until Sunday….. fingers crossed for some good clips!


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