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An unexpected visit from BBC Midlands Today!

I was delighted to welcome David Gregory-Kumar, Science Correspondent   from Midlands Today back to my garden today, after they contacted me this morning. With the rather exceptional weather, they were looking to do a local story about feeding the birds.

David visited my garden last spring and took a look around then, so it was nice to welcome them back!

The garden looked beautiful this morning after another night of fresh snow. The whole area was blanketed in a pristine coating and the birds were hungry, offering plenty of opportunities for filming.

After a quick, warming cuppa, we headed out into the garden and into my hub. The hub was not here when they filmed last year and it was a perfect shelter, as it started to snow again.  The birds were soon performing by coming onto the hub feeders and the visitors were being filmed.



As I stood just outside the hub, there was a sudden burst of alarm calls and all the birds scattered! Less than 5 metres away from me a stunning male sparrowhawk swept in and landed on the post that the fat bar feeder is! The cameraman spun around, but missed this stunning predator. The image of  it sitting on the post is still burnt into my memory…. I just wish I had had the camera around my neck!

We did a bit more filming around the garden ….


and David filled up my fern pool, explaining how important it is to have fresh water available in the garden… I should have got him to do a few more jobs!


The footage went out tonight and as soon as I get a link, I will post it on here. I was delighted to see that not only did they use a couple of my bird clips from the garden, but David even squeezed in my rat family! 

A big thank you to David, his cameraman and BBC Midlands Today for taking the time to come and visit again….


UPDATE:  Here is the footage that went out that evening:


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