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An exclusive peek into how voles spend their Christmas…..

Have you ever wondered how a vole spends its Christmas? You may be surprised to learn that they also decorate their sitting rooms… Christmas cards, stockings, sacks full of presents and, of course, plenty of food on offer! These guys have had the cameras on their sitting room over the festive period and have been captured checking the decorations…

 ….and of course, eating… something we all do a lot of over the festive period!….

Christmas Mammal Box 2015_3_00004

I also captured some clips of these little Bank Voles in their festive sitting room!….. they are certainly enjoying what is on offer here!

(Select to watch in HD!)

It is always great fun creating little set-ups for my Mammal Box and it always makes me smile… and kids love them!  I am still waiting for a wood mouse to come in… the last few days have been very much dominated by a couple of bank voles. This camera is live on my website and will stay in place for the next week or so…

Christmas Mammal Box 2015_1_00001


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