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An Exciting New Badger Sett!

When a friend told me about a badger sett in her parent’s garden, I offered to take a Bushnell trail cam down to the site, to see what we could capture. I had not quite expected to find such a wonderful opportunity for captures over the next year or so!

The badger sett is a very large, established sett. The occupants have lived at the property for over 50 years and it was there when they arrived.

I was really spoilt for choice with my one, basic model trail cam. This one has low glow IR, so I did not want to put it down too low in case it upset them. The badgers are used to daily human interaction around the sett and the owners said they were very active in their garden and can sometimes be seen out in the summer, when it is still light! There were at least 6 big, well used entrances, all with well worn paths to large flat areas where the badgers obviously interact. I chose to place the trail cam on a tree at the very top of the sett, close to a large entrance.

I left the trail cam there a week and collected it tonight. I was amazed to see that the relatively small SD card had been filled on just about one evening! On uploading the footage, I discovered this is a very active site… and this is only one entrance!! I even got a fox visiting!

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 22.48.44

I will be setting a few more Bushnells there tomorrow and leaving them another week….. this is going to be another exciting site to work at with my trail cams, especially when the cubs emerge!

Here are a few of the best captures from the card…..


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