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An evening with Andy Rouse!

I know Andy from quite a way back! We met many, many years ago before he was as famous as he is now for his amazing photography. I was just starting out on digital photography and attended a number of Andy’s photography days which really set me up well and taught me some great techniques and ideas. I have followed Andy’s work ever since and I am always inspired by his love and passion for the natural world …. and his amazing photoraphy never ceases to inspire me to get out and do more myself.

When I heard he was coming to the Lichfield Garrick, I booked tickets and, as usual, I was treated to a great evening of entertainment and incredible imagery!. Andy led us through some of his photography from the last few years and focused on a number of projects he has worked on, explaining his aims regarding the images he wanted to achieve and then how he went about getting some of the shots.

I think some of my favourite were those shot here in the UK at an amazing airfield in Essex that also featured on The Great British Year. Virtually untouched by humans, it has become a haven for wildlife… owls in particular. It struck a chord with me as most of the work I do is right here in my garden and by studying just one patch for a long time, you get to come to know the visitors really well and every day you learn more about them.

Here are a couple of shots I took whilst Andy was talking, showing the amazing images he manages to achieve. If you ever see that he is visiting a theatre near you, I highly recommend you book some tickets… you won’t be disappointed and you will come away with  your head full of inspirational photography ideas ! I would recommend his new Little Owl Book too…. a great Christmas present!


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