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An emotional farewell to Water Orton after 22 years!

It was always going to be a difficult day… saying goodbye to a school where I have spent just about half my life! Twenty-two years is a long time to work in one place, although the last 12 or so years, I have been there just on a part-time basis. Water Orton Primary is a very special place with dedicated staff and wonderful kids and it has been a very difficult decision to make the leap onto pastures new, but I know it is the right move for me.

I was summoned into assembly and knew it was going to be difficult to keep my composure with hundreds of kids looking at me as well as staff. I was asked to go up to the front, where I was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, then asked to sit down…….. what followed then were a series of amazing pressies…. most based around my safari in 2013. I was presented with a super leather hat to wear,  the Rough Guide Book to Zambia and another book on Travel Survival! Also a super box of funny gifts to do with my travels….. all labelled… from a mirror (to signal for help!) to immodium tablets, first-aid kit, to a sewing kit (for making repairs or going fishing!)

Then my WOW! Club members were called in, carrying a huge item….. it was difficult to see what on earth it was!

They carried it to the front of the hall and then held it up….. wow! My eyes were filling with tears… what a truly amazing present!

With the help of a number of members of staff, my WOW! Club had created the word ‘WildlifeKate’ out of materials linked to me in school… it really has to be seen to be believed! From IT bits and bobs (I was the ICT manager) to bird food, twigs, stones, gardening gloves and even bird food, they created an  amazing name banner, all mounted on a recycled school bench top.


On the left hand side was the ‘enter’ key from a keyboard and on the right, the ‘escape’ key and the number keys spelled out the dates I joined school and left…. it truly is a work of art and a massive thanks has to go to Suzy and Steve who coordinated it all. I am hoping to put it up in my hub!

I don’t think I have hugged as many people in one day in my whole life, as I have today! I will certainly miss all those past and present at Water Orton and thank them for helping turn me into the teacher I am today. For that, I am eternally grateful.



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