Amazing Tawny Action and Badger Bonanza!

Arriving at Yew View this week, the sun was actually shining; a rare occurrence in what seems to have been a long winter of grey and dismal weather. We are all very ready for some Spring sunshine and it makes all the difference!

I was hoping to get the new Barn Owl Centre box up this week as it was too windy last week. Dave Harper came to help me and I wired a cable from the platform to the hub and we were ready to heave it up there. Being made of recycled plastic, it is much lighter than the wooden ones.


The box is quite big and, in order to see both the base of the box and the entrance hole, I have had to mount the camera at a bit of an angle. Checking on my phone, it only took 2 days before the tawny checked it out. These are screen captures from my phone app!