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All Worth it……An Barn Owl Early Visitor!

After all the traumas of the weekend, I got up this morning before work to check the cameras. I knew there was  really very little chance that the owls would look in my newly erected box, but they had spent considerable time at the kestrel box. At around midnight, one spent about an hour on the perch and then they both spent some time in the box and then were in there when I got up before 7am this morning!

Tonight, I sat down to do some work at my PC. The barn owl appeared very early at the kestrel box… at 6.40pm!! This is the earliest I have seem them arrive. 

At 8.30pm, something caught my eye on the monitor….I could hardly believe my eyes! A barn owl came into my NEW barn owl box and took a look around! SUCH an amazing sight! I am still in shock… just take a look at the footage for yourself….

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