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Action in oak tree nest box!!

To try and monitor what is happening in my nestboxes, I uploaded a free trial version of  ‘i-catcher’. This is a piece of  motion detection software. It picks up the camera and then takes a series of photos whenever motion is detected within the box. At present, mine is a trial version, so there is text on the screen.  I had this running this morning as I worked from home. I was thrilled to see a blue tit look inside the box! As the morning progressed, one blue tit came inside the box and had a good look around. Then another appeared at the entrance hole and also popped in! They both re-appeared on numerous occasions through the morning and I feel confident that they will use this box this season. Below are a few screen shots from the action….. sorry about the wording in the middle and the crosshairs…. I have figured how to take them off now!


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