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A Wonderful WWF Earth Hour Evening

My involvement with WWF Earth Hour this year culminated with me and my ‘kids’ being invited to the live event in London on Saturday. Combining the trip with a visit to my brother in London, my niece and nephews met my #passthepanda and introduced her to some of their bear friends….


The event was at the South Bank and lots had been going on during the day, with 60 pandas getting up to all sorts of antics in and around the area, telling people about the event! The evening event was up on the 6th floor of The South Bank Centre, with stunning views of London from the balcony!  Lots of people gathered, including some famous faces…. much to the delight of my children who had their pics taken with Dougie, from McFly and  Lydia from The Only Way is Essex (Not that I would have known who they were!!) It was fantastic to stand on that balcony, looking out over The London Eye and other famous landmarks.

A huge light switch and projections of the #passthepanda promotion were projected on walls and playing on laptops and it was fantastic to see a selection from those I have taken. Using this panda has been a great way to engage kids in the scheme!


The whole event was live streaming on the WWF website and at 8.30pm, the countdown started and we watched some of the main landmarks in London disappear from view as their lights went off…. and this was replicated all in 7000 towns and cities across the globe.

We were then entertained by Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who was fantastic, singing a selection of her songs to a very appreciative audience!

It was a fantastic evening and I would like to thank the WWF for all their hard work. Watch this space as I will be involved with the WWF more this year and I am very much looking forward to working with them in 2014 and beyond.


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