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A wonderful new fox family!

I been lucky enough to be talking to James Marchington for the last week or so. He told me about a fox that looked like she had a den under his shed at the end of his long, garden. He then emailed me excitedly, to tell me he had captured some footage of the cubs looking out. I was totally blown away with the clips he had managed to capture with his Bushnell HD. We got talking and over the last few days, James has captured what is the best UK Bushnell footage of foxes I have ever seen!

James has let me share his footage on my website as I feel that not only is it quite magical footage but also shows the wonderful capabilities of the Bushnell HD.  I only wish I had a family like this at the end of my garden! Hopefully Fern will return with her cubs in the coming months and I, too, will be able to capture precious moments like this.

James wrote some background info for my website and I have created a page, showing some of his clips. I have also embedded his YouTube playlist so every time he uploads something, you will see it here. It will be so wonderful to follow this family over the coming months. I am helping James set up a wired camera here too…. I just need to convince him to have a live stream now, so we can all watch them. As he said though, it is beginning to take over his life and he must remember he has to earn a living as well. Many of us who have started using cameras, both trail cams and wired cameras, know how totally absorbing it is…. but SO worth it!!

Take a look at James’ page on my website and here is a taster of some of the footage. These are screen captures from his video clips.


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