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A weekend in the garden….

I have spent a lot of this weekend in my garden… if I can get it into shape in March, then I can usually keep on top of it as it bursts into serious growth later in the year. It goes foliage mad in May and at this time of the year, it looks relatively under control! I just needed to tidy up and cut back old dead foliage and clear some of the  edges of the pond. My greenhouse, which doubles up as a workshop for lots of my projects needed a good sort out as well, as lots of ‘bits and pieces’ had accumulated in there over the winter.

The weather has been pretty varied here… lovely on Saturday and warm enough to sit outside with a cuppa … but this morning it was very cold and grey and for about half an hour, it actually snowed quite heavily! By about midday, all of that had cleared and the sun broke through the leaden skies and the temperature began to rise.

It has been so lovely to spend a decent amount of time outside in my garden and I feel much better for it… I have been spending far too long at my desk of late…. fresh air, bird song, wildlife projects and gardening were just what I needed!

Here are a few pics taken at the end of today… the calm before the foliage explosion!… (My Wildlife Hub will go on the large patio area you see in the later photos, as it will be transported back here after Gardener’s World Live and Phil will reconstruct it here in my patch!)

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