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A weekend in Northumberland

Today, my close friend Deb and I headed North to Seahouses where we are spending the weekend…. yes… a girly weekend and we choose to spend part of it on the Farne Islands…. a rather exposed outcrop of rock, covered in seabirds!

After an easy drive up the A1, we arrived at St Cuthbert’s House B&B (@cuthbertshouse)… lovely and perfectly situated with a 10 minute walk to the harbour in Seahouses, where we will pick up the day trip to the Farne Islands tomorrow.

The evening was cool and sunny, so we headed down to the harbour for fish & chips of course and settled at the bottom of some steps to escape from the hoard of gull that had spied our food! It was wonderful to see about 20 Eiders in the harbour and a couple of pairs came right up to us, happy to scrounge some fish from our supper. Eiders are one of my favourite birds and their wonderful “ooh – err” calls always make me smile!

The females actually came up the steps right in front of us…. wonderful to get so close!

We strolled back along the harbour with a few remnants of our wonderful fish & chip supper… it always tastes better eaten outside by the sea!

There were lots of Black Headed Gulls around, as well as a smattering of Herring Gulls. Deb held up and threw some fish remains and I took advantage of some extra flight photography practice!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 21.14.53

I actually have a  soft spot for gulls. Often overlooked, these birds are actually very attractive in my eyes. The breeding plumage of these birds is possibly not appreciated until you look a little more closely… I think they are beautiful!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 21.21.25

We are very much looking forward to our day on the Farnes tomorrow and a weekend of enjoying the wonderful coastline of Northumberland!


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