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A Weekend in Devon

Yesterday, I was invited down to Exeter University to award the prizes for the Mammal Society Photography Competition which I judged, along with Steve Magennis. An exhibition had been set up and gave others the chance to view some of the winning and highly commended photos. They all looked super and it was great to meet Roy Rimmer who was the winner with his fantastic picture of a leaping rat!

This awards evening was the beginning of the Mammal Society Competition Spring Conference.

Being in Exeter gave me the excuse to come and visit my sister and her family who have  just moved to Dawlish. My two nieces are very keen on wildlife and their new garden was desperate for some Aunty WildlifeKate treatment, so I took some goodies down with me for them!


The girls loved the Nature’s Feast Twist Feeder and soon had it filled up with a mixed seed mix, sunflower hearts and black sunflower seeds….




I had a spare seed feeder at home and a spare Nature’s Feast Fat Ball holder so we filled those up too…


Just outside their dining room window, they have a lovely little courtyard area, so we hung some of the feeders there and another further up the garden for those birds that might be a bit nervous about coming in close to the house…




Giving an excellent view from the window, the girls soon had their binoculars out, waiting for the first visitors…


We also set up a little Bee Hotel on a sunny wall…


By the end of the afternoon we were excited to have seen a blue tit, coal tit, greenfinch, robin and chaffinch!

This is what Millie thought:

“We were looking forward to aunty WildlifeKate coming to stay and i loved hanging up the bird feeders!!!  i liked it when we saw a squirrel  trying to nibble some of the nuts.”

The girls are going to keep a list of the birds they see and let me know how many they see.


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