A visit to the wonderful Skeld Primary School, in Shetland

I am back up in Shetland again, to run a wildlife tour with Hugh Harrop of Shetland Wildlife. I have come up a few days early to spend some time with friends, Paula and Magnus, and to make the most of their hospitality!

One of Paula’s friends, Helen, is the sole teacher at a primary school in Skeld… on a little peninsula on the west of the island. The class consists of just 14 children…. that’s the whole school! Just one class with all different ages. It couldn’t be further from Michael Drayton, the school I teach in! The school is surrounded by huge skies, a dramatic coastline and huge expanses of sea. Many of the children have not left Shetland and this wonderful landscape is part of their daily lives.

Paula had arranged with Helen for me to come and visit the school, talk to the children and then do an activity. I suggested we made a pallet bug hotel and the children had brought in lots of materials.

I was very warmly welcomed into the school and the classroom! The children were really interested in my