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A visit to Durham…..

I have just returned from a few days visiting Kevin Bromley. Kevin is the designer of the Traxwatch… amongst other cool bits of kit and we have become good friends. Check out his website at

Kevin also keep a number of amazing birds of prey and I have been helping him with a new venture…. ‘Knight Flights’ – Bird of Prey Photography Experiences based at his amazing new venue just outside Durham. It was a tough job… but someone had to do it…. I  spent many happy hours photographing these birds in different settings and helping Kevin to think of ways to achieve natural looking shots that would mimic wild shots.  What Kevin is going to do, that is different to many such Bird of Prey experience days, is to fly all of his birds… as many as possible with no leathers on. He is aiming to train, and have available, most of the indigenous UK bird of prey species; kestrel (males and female), sparrowhawk (male), barn owl (2 males and a female), little owl (male), peregrine (male) and a buzzard (female). He does also have an eagle owl, which is not a natural resident in the UK, but there are some breeding pairs. Kevin is hoping to add a tawny owl and goshawk to that collection soon.

Here are are couple of ‘taster’ photos…. the rest will be uploaded onto my Flickr account when I have processed them all. As you can imagine, I thoroughly enjoyed myself… I wish I lived a little closer, as I would have helped him with the amazing new venture.

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