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A Very special letter…..

 As most people know, education and inspiring a new generation of naturalists is really what I am all about. Being a qualified teacher, I love working with young people and introducing them to the wonders of the natural world.

Today I received something very special through the post. It was from the Springwatch team at the Natural History Unit in Bristol. They were forwarding me a letter that they had been sent to their office, following my appearance on Springwatch. The letter thanked the team for the series and explained how the Spencer family have all enjoyed the programme. The letter then explained;

My eldest daughter Charlotte (8) was so inspired by Kate MacRae’s Staffordshire garden that I found her still awake at 10.00pm in her bunk drawing her own dream garden. She wanted to send it to Kate‘

In the envelope was a very special piece of artwork from Charlotte…….

As you can imagine, I was very touched by this! What a fantastic picture, full of all sorts of wonderful elements inspired by what Charlotte saw on my feature. I love the ‘Nut Harvister’ that shoots out food every day for the animals and the bird fountain sounds like an excellent idea! I will be writing to Charlotte to thank her for a truly lovely artwork and her drawing will take pride of place in my office!

When you receive something like that through the post, it warms your heart… if I have inspired just one young person to get involved with the natural world around them, then I am succeeding in what I set out to achieve!


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