A tour of my Patch…. May 2018

My garden always starts to explode with foliage around this time of the year and I love it! I can’t believe how much it has changed in the last month. Suddenly everything has taken off and growth has been amazing. The warm weather last weekend really kickstarted everything into action and now I am trimming and cutting back to stop it meeting in the middle!

I took some photos today as, with a little sunshine, it was all looking so lovely out there. After a busy week last week, it was lovely to spend some time out there this morning, enjoying the bird song and the sights and smells of my Spring garden….

The wild flower meadow areas are dominated by campion, but I have been trimming the edges to allow more species to come through and have a chance to take hold. Leaving areas un-cut and varying the trimming and cutting means that you can encourage a variety of species….

The pond is now difficult to find due to the huge amount of growth by the ferns and marsh marigolds… it is there somewhere!

Lots of my nectar rich perennials are starting to pop up so I hope there is a good show of flowers for the insects a little later in the season…