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A Teapot Robin!

Several years ago, I mounted a little clay nesting teapot in the ivy on my trellis. I had forgotten about it as nothing has ever nested in it.... until now! I was out in the garden and tidying up around my conservatory, when I noticed there were nesting materials inside this teapot. I was pretty sure they were new.

I set the trail cam on the spot, to see what was happening and was excited, the next morning, to discover that my suspicions were correct! A robin has started building a nest in there! I am going to have a great view from my conservatory as it is only about 2 metres from the window!

I set up a wired camera on Saturday. There was already a post there, so it was easy to pop it in at this stage as she is not around much and I knew I would not disturb her. The great thing about the new IP cameras is that I can zoom and focus from my PC, so minimal disturbance. In the 'old days' I would have to focus the cam in situ or pre-focus and then move it.

The first clips are looking promising. I will play around with the image and resolution and zoom over the coming weeks and, hopefully, she will raise a family here. If all goes according to plan, I will live stream this nest of course!

These are a few stills, lifted from the videos.


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