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A talk to Kings Bromley Gardening Guild

Increasingly, I am asked if I do talks and, if I have the time, I am always happy to share my passion for wildlife with others. Kings Bromley Gardening Guild contacted me over a year ago and booked me! They seem a very organised group and I was happy to nip over to their community hall as it was only about 15 mins from where I live.

What a lovely warm welcome I received and the hall was soon filled!


I showed the group a range of the kit I use here in my patch, from nest box cameras to Bushnell NatureViews and showed them some of the clips I have taken over the last few years here in my patch. I could have talked for hours (as anyone who knows me would understand) but with the tea brewing, I finished after just over an hour . With lots of questions and chat afterwards, I really enjoyed the session. Every one seemed so interested and hopefully some were inspired to go and do a bit more in their patch for wildlife!


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