A Snowy Wildlife Photoshoot

Today has been the most magical of conditions. It's not very often we get snow like this, but today was just wonderful! Working from home is great as I was able to put on hold, the things I had wanted to do today and just pick up my camera. I have hardly done any DSLR photography and I do miss doing some 'proper' wildlife photography.

Photographing garden birds is really the best way to get started with a camera. It's where I learn how to improve my camera skills, practise techniques and spend time with my wonderful garden wildlife. I have been lucky enough to photograph all sorts of wildlife, but my garden birds give me just as much pleasure.... and I didn't even leave the house for these images! This is the view from my upstairs office....

When the snow is like this, it does not last long and that soft fluffy envelopment of the landscape provided me with lots of shots. The snow was piling up on the hedge and the birds were gathering there to come to the feeders that I have on my office window. Slowly opening the bathroom window, I balanced myself on the window sill and leaned out. The light was pretty low, so a high ISO was needed and it can be difficult to expose correctly in snowy conditions. Also, the snow flakes were so large, my camera sometimes struggled to lock on the bird as it kept trying to focus on the flakes!

The Blue tits looked amazing! In a white environment, their colours were all the more vibrant....

Of course, the robin is the bird that creates the most iconic snowy image. These birds are such posers and I am sure they know they are having their photo taken. My robins really showed off and the vibrancy of their red breast really looked stunning today!

Blackbirds in white snow can be a bit of a challenge! The males, in particular look just stunning and their yellow beaks and eye ring just leap out!

The females looked great too...

I was glad I had just 'gone with the moment' and photographed when the snow was at its most magical. By the afternoon, it had just about disappeared. A beautiful sunset finished the day.....

With continued fears of increases in Covid, make sure you take breaks in the natural world... I can guarantee it will refresh and boost your mood and remind you that the best things in life are, indeed, free.....

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