A Return to the Little Owls….

You may remember that a few months ago, I visited a farm site that friend, Pete Walkden, had been working at. He had discovered there was a family of Little owls there and, after many hours spent building up trust with these great little birds, he started to get some great shots of them.

Yesterday, after a morning spent at the computer, I packed up my camera and headed up to meet Pete at the site. Earlier, both the adult and a youngster had been there, but it was just the adult when I arrived. Staring down at me from its vantage point in the Oak tree, we set up a perch I had brought among. Some years ago, I found this old gate post buried in a nearby hedge. I had kept it for photography and this seemed the perfect chance to use it!

Returning to Pete’s car, which we use as a hide, we waited. The owl was a little suspicious of the new perch and the new visitor, but before long, it came down to investigate. The weather was variable… bright sun one minute then grey, threatening clouds the next. With the sun behind the owl, I took this shot… I rather like it with the swarms of flies in the air…


This little guy is such a character and they are real posers, giving lots of opportunities to get a  shot..