A quick catch-up!

I have been meaning to get on here and do a couple more blog posts as lots has happened this week, but time is just flying past and there are so many things to achieve each day, the hours just fly past! I will do some more detailed blog posts about some of the events this week, but here is a flavour of some of them….

Barn Owl Pellets:

I did a lesson with a year 3 & 4 class in school on Monday, as part of their work on habitats and food chains. The children learnt a little about what a barn owl is and its way of life, then I introduced the to the joys of pellets! Thanks to Sam at Heligan and Helen at Staffs Barn Owl Action group, I had enough pellets for one between two, for dissection. I don’t think I need to say much more than take a look at this video…. I think it says it all!

Big School’s BirdWatch!

We also carried out our Big School’s Birdwatch and were pleased to record lots of birds visiting our feeding station; blue tits, great tits, greenfinch, goldfinch, chaffinch, blackbirds, woodpigeon, magpie and also seen in the grounds was a crow and a jackdaw. More on that in a separate blog post with my ‘Wow!’ Club (Water Orton Wildlife Club’)

Woodlands Trust Adventure Competition:

On that note, you may remember before Christmas, I entered the Woodlands Trust Artventure competition with my WOW! Club. We had to create a piece of outdoor art and my club created a super robin, built entirely out of natural materials that they found in our school garden.

 Our blog post about it can be seen HERE

Yesterday I was absolutely thrilled to hear that we had WON the school’s category!!! I am nipping into school later to tell the kids.. they are going to be SO excited! Check out the details here on the Woodland Trust website page….


We have won:

  1. A masterclass in outdoor art with land artist Richard Shilling at a Woodland Trust wood (located in the North of England) for your class/group (transport not included)

  2. A copy of the book Land Art in the Woods

  3. One year’s membership to the Nature Detectives CLUB

  4. A DisneyStore Toy Story Jumbo Art Pack

What a wonderful opportunity for my WOW! Club… to spend a day with Richard Shilling.. check out his website at the link above… looks amazing!

Finally, before I race off to another meeting…. Gardener’s World Live update! Very soon, I will be creating some pages on my website to tell you more about this exciting event and to keep you abreast of developments as I begin the 19 week journey (YES! ONly 19 weeks away!!) to GW Live at the NEC. I have been feverishly planning and contacting companies to get my everything moving. One exciting thing is that I will be having a green roof in my stand… something that has always interested me. I will be telling you more about this very soon. I managed to get in contact with one of the leading authorities on this very subject… Dusty Gedge, who is going to help me. Stage 1 is me going on a DIY Green roof workshop on the 25th February… can’t wait! 

I will be writing a lot more about these in the next few days, so watch this space….

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