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A New Window Feeder

I just can’t resist a new bird feeder and when this one appeared in the box of books in the staffroom, I just had to have it for £4! 

I already have one window feeder on my office window, but the dish is too deep and the birds are not keen on reaching right down inside.

Also, I think that these feeders should come with an integral perch….. the birds are interested, but to land directly on the feeder makes them feel a little vulnerable. They like a perch to alight on a little way away, so they can ‘suss’ it out before coming into feed. This new one has a little side dish and a bit for a fat ball. Personally, I don’t think the little raised plastic spikes would hold a fat ball very well, so I use it to secure a twig onto. I did the same on the other side. These twig perches face out from the window, created somewhere to land that is not directly on the window feeder.

The dish on this new one is shallower as well and the side dish was perfect for one of my fat bar cylinders. I sliced it so it fitted snugly inside.

Within an hour a blue tit and a robin were checking it out…. Hopefully I will be able to get some photos in the next week or so!


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