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A new visitor to my patch!!

I have had over 50 species visit my garden, so it is rare now that I get a new visitor! Last year a single male brambling visited, which was a first. Today, I had a male redpoll visit my hub feeders! I work from home and have my live stream cameras running on the monitors. I just happened to look up and the male was sitting on the tray right in front of the camera. I was obviously very excited to have noticed this new species and luckily, the live stream was being recorded with i-catcher, so I was able to play it back and take some stills and a couple of video clips from the footage.

Cam9 2013-12-04 12-49-40.907

Cam9 2013-12-04 12-49-41.171

Cam9 2013-12-04 12-49-41.710

Cam9 2013-12-04 12-49-42.311

Cam9 2013-12-04 12-49-43.170

Doing some research, I think this is a lesser redpoll, which is a more common visitor to gardens than the ‘common’ or ‘mealy’ redpoll which seems to be paler and more streaky.

I am hoping that I will see more of this individual… and I hope he brings his friends soon. They are often found within flocks of goldfinches and I have a lot of them visiting at the moment. Make sure you select to watch these in HD and watch out on my live cams to see if we can spot this species again.


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