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A New Feeding Platform

I have been thrilled with the HD footage I have been getting from my new cameras and the responses from my followers about the live stream images. I have two HD live stream cameras… one on hanging feeders by my hub and the other on some feeders suspended from a large branch I set up, that is by my patio. These patio ones have a large Laurel behind, which means the birds can hide in there before alighting on the feeders. 

I kept seeing the blackbird landing on the camera platform, but she was unable to feed on these hanging feeders. Whilst in Lichfield market, I found a small handmade wooden ground feeder with a wire mesh base. It was perfect for a feeding platform! I mounted some wooden batons on each side and screwed it into the branch, so it would not swing. I then added a drilled hole log feeder for the woodpecker…. and then some berry branches.

Screen shot 2013-12-26 at 21.44.21

I knew that by having a platform, I would also be attracting the squirrel…. and the rats… but I felt it was worth it as I hope it will enable some new species to be seen at my feeding stations! Here is a little clip of some of the visitors over Christmas and Boxing Day!

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