A New Barn Owl Box for Yew View

Since we have seen a barn owl regularly hunting along the bottom of the garden at Yew View, we have been keen to offer as many opportunities for breeding as possible. We already have one barn owl box up, but I was keen to get another, of a different design. When Tom Firmstone (who made my Bird Snack Bar) offered to take on the challenge, I leapt at the chance. Tom had found a plan for a pretty impressive barn owl box and he’s always wanted to have a go at making it…. it was a pretty ambitious. design!

This week, Tom came over to Yew View to deliver and help me get this box up on a platform we had originally built for a kestrel box. This kestrel box had broken and we’d had little interest so I felt we could take it down and replace it with this new box. The platform is right at the bottom of the garden, near the river and close to where the owl has been seen hunting.

This clip was filmed just before Christmas and is just a few metres from the new box location…

Tom had designed the box so we could part construct it on site. His car was full of it!

We then screwed the roof into place and it started to look more like a barn owl box! Finally, the terrace panels slid into place along the buttons that had been pre-positioned. Once they were screwed into place, we were all able to stand back and admire this spectacular box!