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A Nest Box Update- Mega Moss Intake!

The weather is getting a little warmer and activity has increased within the nest boxes. The blue tits always build the majority of the nest with moss and there is plenty of it in my lawn! Both male and female bring the moss in and then wing flutter in the centre, pushing the moss to the outside and forming the cup she and the hollow where they will eventually lay their eggs.

I lifted these stills from the Greenhouse nest box….

This box is further up the garden and has an aerial view of the box. These blue tits are about a week behind and have only just started bringing moss in…..

Finally, my kestrels have not reappeared. I check every day, hoping they will have returned. The jackdaws are in and out and a pair of stock doves have also shown an interest this week.

I am very much looking forward to getting to Yew View this week… at the weekend our three Tawny eggs hatched and I can’t wait to lift some footage and share it!


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