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A Mammal Maze Update….

My Mammal Maze Challenge is working really well and the rats and wood mice have been using it every night. Have set a couple of additional challenges since my last blog post.

After the rodents tackled the steps, I then created a u-shape using the blocks and it was not long before the rats and the mice were investigating the new set-up….

It was not long before they had worked it out. Once they have, they are in and out until all the food has gone.

So, what could I do next? The blocks are held in place by the closed perspex door and the grid you can see. This grid projects about 5mm and I amazed how both the rats and mice use this to climb. Next, I placed a block at the bottom and a block at the top. In between, I placed a taut string, hoping they would climb along it. The mouse almost did it quite early in the evening…

The next time it tried, I balanced along the top of the string, like a trapeze artist, using its tail for balance… remarkable!

The rats simply jumped up the left hand side…. no problem!

Whilst checking the footage the other night, I captured this interesting sequence. I think the rat could see my cat, but she couldn’t actually see it. Eventually, my cat left and the rat popped down and out. Sensible to realise that it was safest if it just stayed where it was…

Tom has now made me some rectangular plastic planks that will be used to create some pathways through the maze. Tune in to my live camera in the evening to see how quickly they  work it out as I make it more and more challenging…


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