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A Hedgehog Update

Lilly and Lilac settled well into their posh new accommodation and were sleeping soundly in the house during the day and eating all their food at night. The night before I went to Essex, I had been watching the cams and a new, small hedgehog appeared, had a very good sniff around and them went. It turned out to be Lily, as when I returned from Essex, there was a hole dug under the perimeter fence… she had made a bid for freedom! I had kept them for longer than Joan had suggested, so I knew she would be fine and there is always food and water out nearby. I filled the gap and checked the box to find Lilac asleep inside.

By the next morning, the hole was there again! I wondered if Lily had returned into the pen and the box, but when I looked, the box was empty. It looked like Lilac had also decided it was time to go! I am hoping to see these girls on my night cameras, but they were both a very healthy weight and able to fend for themselves in my garden with a bit of help from my feeding stations.

Today, I returned to collect ‘Hop-along’ Cassidy from Joan. He had been checked over by a vet, who could find nothing wrong with his leg. We are not sure why he is limping… he suggested a strain, but definitely nothing broken at all. His face looks so much better. He had been covered in mites and this had caused his face to become sore and crusty and he was having difficulty opening his eyes. His little face was clear and his bright eyes peeped out as he uncurled! He was ready to come home! Later that afternoon, I took him out to have a look at him and mark him before he was released…

As darkness fell, I released him into prickly Diner as it got dark. He quickly scuttled off, but about an hour later he appeared back and had a little feed. I am so glad he is back in his own territory and may be he will meet the rather lovely ladies that are about as well!

I also checked the hedgehog box today and was delighted to see that Lilac had returned! I removed the pen and I hope she will wander freely now, but choose to stay in the box overnight.


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