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A Green Woodpecker makes a visit!

When I made a new waterhole out of old tyres, for a piece I filmed with Countryfile Diaries in February, I could never have predicted how wonderful this simple construction would be for wildlife. Paul Martin helped me to make it. I had come up with the idea a few years ago and have several set ups like this in the garden.

I really recommend others having a go, as these are so easy to make and cost nothing at all. Recycled tyres can easily be picked up from any tyre shop and then you just need some soil, a piece of waterproof material and some stuff to dress the edges… plants, logs, stones etc. They can be made to look very attractive and you would never know they are made of an old recycled tyre….. a great project for kids on their summer holidays!Paul Martin from @country

With this prolonged hot weather, it has really come into its own and I have recorded so many species here, both drinking and bathing. I mounted a camera in front of this area and I have been live streaming it on my website and that of CJ Wildlife.

This week, I have had a very special visitor; one that I rarely see in the garden… a Green Woodpecker! This individual is a young male. His speckled appearance shows that he is a juvenile and the red flash, appearing on his cheek, show he is a male. The females do not have this red on the head (rather like the great spotted woodpecker, with the male displaying red on the nape of the neck)

He has been visiting a couple of times a day, so keep your eye out on my live cameras!

These videos are some highlights from the last few days….

These birds are beautiful and look somewhat reptilian I think! I really hope this chap continues to visit…..


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