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A garden bursting with life!

Although I have been working at the PC for most of the day, my cameras mean that I am in constant contact with what is going on outside in my garden, even if I am not actually out there myself. The warm sunshine has meant that the garden is full of bird song and activity, with several of my nest boxes now having visitors.

I wired the plum tree box up to my Mac so I could record some footage of the blue tits having a clear out! They seem to be taking all the debris out, hopefully ready to start building. I had a wonderful pair who raised nine chicks last season. I wonder if it is the same pair who have returned? It would be interesting to know how common it is for the same birds to use the same nest site year after year. The plum tree box is a nest box from HandyKam, with a high res Sony cam inside. There are two small windows at nest height which allow lots of light in (if the box is positioned in a bright area) and this means the clarity of the image is very good.

This clip shows the blue tit busy tidying up….

The sieve feeders were also getting lots of visitors and with my close-up kit now in its final trial, I set the Bushnell HD up to see if I could capture the varied visitors. This close-up kit will be available to buy in the next month or so, as the first batch of kits have just gone into production. I will be advertising them on my site as soon as they are ready, so if you have a Bushnell Trophy Cam HD (the larger unit) this kit will allow you to obtain footage such as this at only 46cm from your subject (rather than the usual 3m focal length)

Make sure you watch this clip in HD and that you turn up the volume… the bird song in the background is just wonderful!


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