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A first attempt with the Traxwatch!

The day dawned somewhat cloudy again, but has improved gradually with the sun making a rare appearance later in the afternoon! The male kestrel, who had not appeared yesterday, briefly visited the nest box at about 9.30am. He landed on the top, sat for a few minutes and then left.

I decided to set the Traxwatch up in the hedge, by the hedgecam feeder, as I have quite a regular stream of visitors and I was pretty sure I could get the camera to trigger.  I created a new perch and placed the main unit and the beam receiver on either side of the perch. These units would create the beam. When broken, another unit attached to my camera, would trigger it to fire.

I set my camera up in the hedge and focused it on the perch, then locked the focus for this trial. I then left the kit…. and kept my fingers crossed!

I returned later in the day and was delighted to see that the robin had obliged by perching a number of occasions, on the new perch. For more shots and details visit the Traxwatch Trial 1 page on my website, HERE. Here’s a taster of one of the shots I achieved!


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