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A Final Visit to the Red Squirrels before home….

Rising temperatures overnight meant that the snow had all but disappeared by this morning. I only had a few hours before heading to the airport to fly home, so we headed to the red squirrels to see if we could get a few more shots. The light was pretty poor, so we knew there was not too much hope of doing too much photographically, but I wanted to have one more ‘fix’ of these great little mammals before heading back to Lichfield!

Andy and Pete had done some amazing jumping shots of these squirrels earlier in the week before I had arrived. Andy has set up a branch to a feeding platform. The squirrels leap across to get to the food. To get great shots takes skill, patience and a lot of practise! You also need good light for fast shutter speeds. Here is Pete’s shot from Thursday… I just love it!


My last 2 visits had not yielded any leaps, but today a couple of squirrels obliged! Sadly the light was not good enough for photography, so I had to settle for an iPhone slow-motion capture!

I was able to spend a couple of hours soaking up this lovely woodland setting and its squirrel inhabitants… I managed a few shots even though I had to bump up the ISO on the camera to get a decent shutter speed as it was quite gloomy.


We even had a sparrow hawk make a brief visit!


I had to tear myself away, to catch my plane back home, but what a great few days I’ve had.

A huge thank you to Andy and Lyndsey for having me to stay. If you want to find out more about the guiding and photography trips that Andy does, check out his website at:


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