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A Day at Slimbridge

I have had a great weekend… The Bird Watching Fair at Rutland on Friday and SLimbridge on Saturday! Bird Fair was great and I spent a lot of the day meeting all sorts of people… lots of Twitter friends, which was lovely and also with companies who I am hoping to be working with over the next few months. I was delighted to meet the guys at Bushnell and to see my footage and captures on their stand! Great to say hello to the team at  Nature’s Feast… I love their feeders and you will see lots of them on my live cams, as well as meeting the team at BirdWatching Mag and to see my article in the magazine being handed out to loads of keen birdwatchers! I spent so much time talking to friends and companies, that I actually hardly looked around at all… never mind… it meant I did not actually buy anything!

Then, on Saturday, I visited Slimbridge… I have not been for quite a few years and there have been lots of developments. I spent a happy day, wandering around, visiting the hides and watching the birds. I had my camera with me and just enjoyed taking a few pics…. nothing amazing, but it is wonderful to be up so close to so many beautiful species….

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