A Clay Cavern Update!

One of my most successful cams has been ‘Clay Cavern’… a mock burrow I made out of clay, which has attracted mice, voles and shrews over the last year or so. A month or so ago, the rats discovered it and managed to nibble their way in, enlarging the holes, scaring of my smaller mammal visitors. This set up inspired the Springwatch and Autumnwatch Mammal Stump and I helped and advised in the setting up of this great BBC cam.

Today, I set about giving the Clay Cavern a little bit of a makeover and trying to make it less easy for rats to get in. Once I had removed the mock burrow from its box under a wicker basket in my hedge, it was clear to see the damage the rats had done. There used to be a little clay tunnel out of one side, but it had been nibbled into a large hole.