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A busy week of school planting, nocturnal animals, ponds, nest boxes and garden survey!

Thus week has absolutely flown past…… I have been in school for four of my five days. The beginning of the week was at Michael Drayton, working on our Wild Learning Area. With the snow and solid ground finally going, I was very anxious to get cracking on the planting of both pond and wild flower meadow areas. With lots of plants from HabitatAid and GScapes (my local plant nursery) I managed to get a lot of planting done with the kids.



You can read more about this and see all the photos at

I also ran a session on Nocturnal Animals in an Infant School, where I run sessions quite regularly. We had Molly the barn owl visiting again and the children did some amazing barn owl artwork!… remember… these children are Year 2! They are just 6 and 7 years old!








We had a great day and hopefully lots of learning went on too! 

With so much time in school this week, I did not get much of a chance to watch any cameras, and this in when the iCatcher software comes into its own! I am able to come home and play back all that has happened. The most active nest box is the lane nest box. Don’t forget, you can watch the Lane Nest Box playlist on my main website by clicking on the nest box picture. The blue tits have been collecting moss all week and the nest is coming on really well..

No more tawnies or kestrels sadly, but the jackdaws and stock doves… and a few others have taken a look!

A few viewings in the Side Nest box….

and a huge amount of building on Friday in the Hub Nest Box… when I went to school on Friday, there were a few bits of moss and by the end of the day nearly all the base was covered! I will upload some clips later in the week.

I was glad when the weekend arrived and I could spend some time in my garden! With the weather sunny and pretty warm on Saturday, I spent quite a bit of time finishing up around by my pond, ready for the big foliage explosion. It is looking quite nice now, with the marsh marigolds beginning to flower as are the globular primulas. The hosta sprouts are appearing too and the frog spawn looks surprisingly good despite being frosted completely a few weeks ago…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Today I nipped up to Badger Bank to set some Bushnell NatureView trail cams. I have not got around to visiting this brill site for ages… hopefully I will capture some good footage as there was lots of signs of activity. I set three NatureView Trail cams on the site.





Finally, I was lucky enough to have Martin Sherbourne of Beacon Land Surveys come to do a survey of my garden so I can have a scale plan of my patch and be able to mark where all the boxes etc. are. Martin is a friend and I really appreciate him giving up half of his Sunday to survey my rather complicated plot! I will be writing a little more about this in the coming week and playing around with the draft plan which we will be fine-tuning over the coming week. Once finished, it will appear on my website with all my boxes and feeding stations marked so you can see where they are in relation to each other.

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Another busy week ahead with preparations really beginning to go up a gear for Gardeners’ World Live! Also just had confirmation that I will be at BirdFair in Rutland on the Bushnell Optics Stand as well in August. I will be designing a new exciting stand along with Bushnell UK! Really looking forward to that.  Keep an eye on my live cams in the week and see the nest box action… I am sure things will really hot up as the temperatures rise.


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