A Brilliant BirdFair!

I always look forward to Birdfair, but this one has really been amazing. Fantastic weather, a great team on the Bushnell stand and a wonderful show in so many ways.

I was let off the stand building this year so it was somewhat a luxury to turn up and find the stand just about finished! Professional stand builders had a done a wonderful job and it all looked amazing. A new design with a raised binocular viewing platform provided loads more space for people to try out all the optics kit on offer and then the trail cams and night vision were all displayed on the other side. Three screens displayed a rolling filmshow of many of the best Bushnell captures I have had over the last few years and we soon had all the kit displayed, ready for the show…


May be I was just imagining it, but Friday seemed to be one of the busiest days we have ever had on Birdfair; a gorgeous day and the crowds just kept coming! Birdfair has a completely different atmosphere to any other shows I have ever done; a friendly, relaxed and enthusiastic crowd of people.

The Bushnell stand was incredibly busy all day, with Gareth and I hardly having a chance to take even a short breather all day! We had a great team this year, with international visitors as well… Laurent came over from the Bushnell offices in France and Darin Stephens , from the USA, also joined us. With Brent , Matt  Gareth and myself, we offered skill and knowledge that covered the whole of the Bushnell range of optics, trail cams and night vision and were kept on our toes with all the questions and discussions…

IMG_1548 copy

Me, Gareth, Brent, Darin, Matt and Laurent – The Bushnell Team 2015

Gareth and me!

Gareth and me!

The Optics Marquee is wonderful, with the whole front of the marquee opening onto a wonderful wetland habitat… perfect for testing out the optics on offer, but all allowing some fresh air in! I did feel sorry for some of the other exhibitors in the hot and humid enclosed marquees.

Gareth and I had booked for an eve