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A Badger on the WildlifeKate patch!

As I sat at the PC, working last night, I had my live stream on the PC next to me. I happened to glance up just before I went to bed… it must have been about 10.45pm and saw a BADGER! For what must have only been a couple of seconds, a badger appeared on the fox cam, as well as the fox, but it disappeared and did not return. I was very excited, as you can imagine as I have never seen, or caught any footage of the badgers coming up onto this field. I set the fox cam up on i-catcher. This is a piece of motion detection software that takes a still from the cam every time it detects movement. These stills can then be joined together to create a basic video. The quality is not amazing on this night-time cam, but it is certainly good enough to confirm that I have at least one badger visiting and eating dog biscuits!

I noticed something else interesting on the footage… what appears to be a snake! Take a look and see what you think!


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