A badger cub & painted lady in pollinator paradise!

Yew View looked simply stunning in the sunshine this week. Everything is bursting into flower and it is, quite literally, a pollinator’s paradise! The wild flower meadow we planted last year is looking amazing and it is full of insects.

The lower areas of the garden had big swathes that are just mowed and trimmed a couple of times a year. The buttercups were resplendent!

The insect life is increasing greatly on the wildlife pools and the pied wagtails were taking advantage, hopping amongst the foliage, plucking of food to feed their hungry chicks which are now out and about in the garden. I had a brief view of one dragonfly that I think was a broad-bodied chaser, but it is damselflies that are abundant at the moment. There are lots of the large red damselfly..

and also the Azure damselfly .. an iridescent flash of blue in the May sunshine.. simply stunning!

In amongst the amazing number of flowers that are already in bloom, was a single painted lady butterfly. Highly mobile and very skittish, this individual rarely stopped for more than a few seconds. Favouring the nepeta, it looked just stunning and I was determined to get some shots of it. I followed it around the area, creeping up on it as soon as it settled. I used the 100-400 Mrk 11 lens on my Canon 7DII and it is brilliant as it will focus as close as 70cm, giving me a chance to get some shots I  was pleased with!