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#30DaysWild – Day 7 Fox cub appearances

I have been filming the foxes that visit a field next to my garden for about 5 years now. Each year, I look forward to the vixens bringing their cubs. If they have denned nearby, the cubs that visit can be pretty small, as was the case last year. I put out a small amount of dried dog biscuits out… the same that my own dog has, and it is simply a snack for them. I do not want them to become reliant on this as a food source and I know there is plenty of natural prey around in the form of rabbit, rats and other small mammals.

Last year, I managed to capture some lovely footage of tiny cubs visiting…

This year, I had at least two vixens feeding cubs, as is clear on this clip of them bickering over food…

Surprisingly, I have seen nothing of any cubs until this last week, when a large cub has been visiting, sometimes in the morning, so my camera is in colour! I can only presume that their dens were quite far away this year and food sources have been good so there has been little need to supplement here at my feeding station. I can’t believe this is the only cub this year. I have had less frequent visits from the adults too…. the number of rabbits around seems to have exploded recently so I think they are thriving on those!

fox cub june_00001

Great to see this youngster and looking so healthy! I hope it keeps visiting…


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