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#30DaysWild – Day 5 When a plan comes together…..

Some months ago now, having cleared and prepared a new part of my garden for development, I started to plant it very much with insects in mind. Choosing lots of nectar rich plants, I lined all the beds with species that I hoped would attract insects. I grew lots from seed and bought small, cheap plants from a range of supermarkets.

I also decided to plant some wild flower turf as an instant impact and to create a natural looking area that would provide an attractive addition to the area, but also be great for wildlife.

Creating a waterhole out of 4 recycled tyres and lots of logs, moss and soil gathered from around the garden, I provided a water source and this is being well used by the local birds for both drinking and bathing.

Everything is growing amazingly well and starting to look just how I had envisaged it… and it’s working! Today, with the beautiful weather, the insects were everywhere, bees, hoverflies, flies, beetles and, of course, the birds!

You can find my other blog post about the area HERE

Today, I took some photographs on my phone to show the developments in just a few months….


The bee hotels are really busy as well… some new ones and some I built last year… such an easy thing to do and SO effective. Pop them on a warm, sunny wall and then watch the wonderful spectacle that is solitary bees….


It is so satisfying when you have an idea in your head and you watch it grow and develop  before your eyes!


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